Income And Social Class

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WARTAMU.ID, Suara Pembaca – Consumers who have sufficient incomes can influence economic growth by increasing demand for goods and services. However, a person’s income level is not always a major factor in determining consumer behavior (Abdelina & Makhrani, 2021). Revenue is the amount of money or economic value received by an individual or organization in a given period of time. Revenue can also be interpreted as the total receipts earned in a certain period. Income refers to the flow of wages, interest payments, stock profits, and other matters of value added over a period of time (Manalu & Roshinta, 2021).

Income is usually calculated in terms of money (Susandini & Jannah, 2021), but it can also be goods or services received in return for work or other activities. Income can come from various sources, such as salaries, wages, bonuses, dividends, interest, rent, royalties, and others. The source of income can vary depending on the type of work or business being run. Income is very important in everyday life, as it affects a person’s ability to meet his needs and lifestyle. The higher a person’s income, the greater his ability to purchase necessary or desired goods and services. However, it is also important to remember that good income management is also very important to achieve long-term financial stability. In the macroeconomic context, income is also an important indicator to measure the growth and economic health of a country. Per capita income growth is an important indicator in measuring a country’s prosperity and development (Pangestu & Taufiq, 2022).

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Oleh : Johan Surya Ghanata, Arzeppy Havin Faizah, Dhea Mutya Hasanah, Novita Devina Putri

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